Digital Camera

Zeiss Digital Imaging System

Zeiss FF450 and VISUPAC


The Zeiss FF450 Fundus Camera is a top of the line full featured digital-ready fundus photography system. Three separate magnification systems at 20, 30 and 50 degrees provide superior resolution and flexibility in documenting specific ocular conditions. The FF450’s improved light efficiency enhances patient compliance and speeds patient throughput. The new Zeiss VISUPAC Digital Imaging System integrates seamlessly with the FF450 Fundus Camera to give the ultimate in image quality, diagnostic versatility and ability to upgrade to future technologies. Multiple image overlay, merge and graphics functions give the user a broader range of diagnostic tools.

In combination with the Digital, the FF 450 Fundus Camera provides all the advantages of perfect fundus imaging with the addition of simultaneous visualisation and instantaneous availability of recorded images.

The convenient database allows linking of images and findings to patient data. Finding and the comparison of images takes a matter of seconds. All stored images can be processed later.

With archiving of data on MOD (magneto-optical disk), there are no restrictions in storage capacity. Easy to understand software (network compatible) and user friendly menus help you to quickly master the system. The Viewing Station allows remote access to saved images and data.