OASIS Colvard Pupillometer

It is so important to obtain the proper pupil measurement to use with the latest LASIK refractive treatments.  Prior to the invention of the pupilometer, doctors were forced to perform manual measurements of the patients pupil leaving the potential for human error.  If the patient has a very large pupil that will “dilate” larger than the area treated by the laser, the patient will experience glare and halos at night.  Obtaining the accurate pupil measurements in low or “dark” conditions will enhance the patient outcomes. 

Now we can quickly and easily implement scotopic-state pupil and corneal diameter measurements for refractive surgery candidates using the new Oasis Colvard Pupillometer.

Consistent readings – the Oasis Colvard Pupillometer utilizes light amplification technology to allow visualization of the patient’s pupils allowing the unit to be used in a dark exam room. This assures that both eyes will be accurate and unaffected by ambient room light.